T&T ECHS : A Project in Full Flower

To say T&T ECHS‘s (Sector F-17) project is in full flower is quite a statement – and trust us, we do not make it lightly. Allow us to bring you up to speed about our exact situation right now.

Land Acquisition On Target (Sector F-17)

TeleGardens was planned in CDA SECTOR F-17 to comprise of 1600 kanals (200 acres) of land. We have been able to acquire 1250 kanals (156.25 acres) – representing 78 percent of the target.

Horizontal Infrastructure Nearly Complete

We have completed the lion’s share of work on horizontal infrastructure for TeleGardens in Sector F-17. The road network is pretty much in place, as are the drainage and sewage systems. The community’s own power grid and piping network for natural gas have been laid underground and arrangements for provision of power and gas made with the respective utility companies. Construction of TeleGardens’ own water supply system is nearing completion. Pipes have been laid, construction of the underground water tank is almost complete, while work on the construction of the overhead water tank is getting underway.

Perimeter Nearing Completion

Construction of TeleGardens’ (CDA SECTOR F-17) main gate has been completed while work on the perimeter wall is advancing rapidly. The completion of physical perimeter coupled with our electronic security systems will ensure complete security of the inhabitants of TeleGardens.

Vertical Development Well Underway

Construction on several residential plots has been completed while work is in progress for construction of many more residential, commercial, and mixed-use buildings. If you have ever had the desire to see a city neighbourhood rise from the ground in front of your eyes, you may want to visit TeleGardens right now.

Sold Out Of Plots

The surest sign of the success of a real estate development project is when it is sold out of plots. We are pleased to announce that this has already come to pass for TeleGardens.

The Pioneers Have Arrived

If you do not find any of the above evidence enough to establish TeleGardens is in full flower, try this: Some families have already arrived to warm their newly built homes at TeleGardens. Because the commercial sector is yet to catch up, it would be a stretch to say their life at TeleGardens is as smooth as it would be when it is completely settled. We approached some of these early adopters of TeleGardens to find out how they are doing – and they said they are doing just fine. We salute their pioneering spirit – they are quite literally living proof of the success of TeleGardens.