Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is Telegraph & Telephone Employees Cooperative Housing Society (T&TECHS) registered?

The Telegraph & Telephone Employees Cooperative Housing Society (T&T ECHS) was registered on 25th January 1981 against Registration No. 4 under section 10 of the Cooperative Societies Act 1925 with the objective to layout, establish and maintain a residential colony with in the area of Islamabad for its members.

Does the T&TECHS have obtained No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Capital Development Authority (CDA) for the Tele Gardens Scheme?

No Objection Certificate (NOC) of the Tele Gardens Scheme is duly approved by Capital Development Authority vide its letter No. CDA/APLW/UP-HS (90) MPCHS Volume-III/2003/491 dated 30.01.2008.

Is the Lay out plan (LOP) of the society approved?

The Layout Plan of the scheme is also approved by the Capital Development Authority through its letter No. CDA/PLW-UP (90)/ MPCHS/93/600 dated 18.02.2005. Further more, the revised / as built layout plan of the society has also been approved by CDA vide letter No. CDA/PLW/HS(90)/T&TECHS/R.LOP/2022/37 dated 21st January 2022.


What is the status of land of the society?

The society has purchased/cleared maximum area and obtained possession thereof. However certain pockets of land are still required to be purchased/ cleared from the land owners. The society, in the best interest of the members, is vigorously pursuing the landowners for purchase of these pockets at reasonable rates.

What is the status of development of the society?

The society has started the development work and almost 100% of the roads, on possessed land, is completed, with Asphalt on main boulevards and TST on other roads. Similarly sewerage and drainage work is also almost complete.

Parking and footpaths are ready. Street lighting along with decorative pole lights are fully functional.

Horticultural work is also in progress.


What is the status of Electricity & Gas provision in the society?

Provision for electricity is available in the society and installation of additional transformers are in process on need basis. Gas  is also available and the network has accordingly been laid down.

What is the status of entrance gate on the new 100 feet double road?

The new entrance gatehouse is fully developed and beautifully branded. A security operated barrier is also installed.

What is the status of negotiation with NHA & Railway authorities for railway crossing entrance?

Railway gate has been installed. An impressive road side illuminating guidance tower has also been installed. Footpath and shoulder blades on the entrance is also complete.

Are there any plots available with the Society for sale?

All the memberships of the society have been issued, however plots are available for sale/purchase in the open market. Interested customers are requested to check from the open market for purchase of plots.

What is the Transfer Fee structure?

Transfer fee is tabulated as here under:


What is the rate of tax on transfer of plots?

Advance Tax

1. Where value of Immovable property is up to Rupees 3 million @ 0%
2. Where the value of Immovable property is more than Rupees 3 million @ 1% (Filer) & @ 2% (Non-filer)Provided that the rate of tax for Non-filer shall be 1% up to the date appointed by the Board through notification in official gazette.
(Reference: Section 236-k of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001, as amended up to 30th June 2014.)

Capital Value Tax (CVT) @ 2% is applicable on purchase of all 500 Sq.Yds/ Kanal and above plots on the purchase value of the plot to be paid by the purchaser.

(Reference: Circular No. 3 of 2012 vide circular letter No. C. No. 4(60)ITP/2012-106335-R dated 1st August, 2012 issued by Federal Board of Revenue, Revenue Division, Government of Pakistan.)


What documents are required for transfer of plot?

Following documents are required at the time of transfer: Specimen available from office.

  1. Application from the seller
  2. Affidavit from the seller
  3. Specimen Signatures of seller/purchaser
  4. Original documents of ownership
  5. Two passport size photographs of seller & purchaser
  6. Copy of National Identity Card along with original for verification
  7. Copy of Sale agreement for calculating tax on sale value.

Is cash payment acceptable?

The Society prefers and insists its customers and members in their own benefit to deposit their dues and other payments through Payment Orders or Demand Drafts in favour of Telegraph & Telephone Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Islamabad. Abbreviation of the Society i.e., T&TECHS, Islamabad can also be used.

Is open transfer allowed?

The Society prefers and insists its customers and members in their own interest to get the plot transferred in their name immediately however, on case to case basis open transfer is allowed @ 50% of actual transfer fee for a period of one month only.